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September 03, 2020

Why We Make Solid Cedar Wood Step Stools

Our handmade, handcrafted step stools are Amish made in the USA with 100% solid raw cedar.  The aromatic cedarwood is a wonderful addition to any home as it has a lasting anti-insect effect. Great as a bedside stool, kitchen step stool or some even use it in the bathroom as an accompaniment to the toilet, similar to a Squatty Potty.

Cedar is a sustainable wood that is quick growing in a variety of climates across America.  We have had many customers enjoy this footstool over the years, and some like to add a clear coat, some like to add a stain and others (like myself) use it completely unvarnished. 

vundahboah amish goods cedar wood step stool

About a third of our customers opt for two or more stools to have throughout the house, in a closet or laundry room, as well as near a bed or in the kitchen.  

This stool slides well when adding small felt pads to the base, and is light enough to be moved with just one foot to another area.  It slides on wood floors beautifully so you can bring it over, use it, and slide it back to the end of my counter where it lives without ever bending over. 

It's an attractive wood and design so it's not a problem being tucked away and still in view as it adds to the aesthetic in the kitchen, bedroom or elsewhere in the home. 

Here is a link to see the 2 stool options available in this line.

step stool for kitchen or bed squatty potty




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