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About Us


Your grandfather didn't rent a suit for his wedding. He owned one, and a quality one at that!  Back then, even lower priced 'economical' suiting was made with integrity (we would know, we've curated vintage suiting from the 1920s-80s full time for eight years.)  His suit also had character built in, with interesting texture and color that handsomely complemented the lines of the suit.

We are bringing those attributes-- character, integrity and economy--- back to suiting.  Our vertically integrated pure e-commerce presence allows us to design and manufacture the best in suiting, offering it to you at really unbeatable prices.  We provide one of a kind designed suiting of the very best quality to men who want to look and feel awesome in their suit without looking and paying like everyone else. 

We also offer unique accessories, curated from artisans and craftsman around the world who care about the things you value-- character, integrity and economy.  Oh yeah, our customer service is second to none.  Only real people, available M-F , who care about delighting you.

It's an investment piece in more ways than one; our Buy One, Love One initiative allows you to change the trajectory of a child's life with your suit purchase.

Combining character, integrity and economy with Compassion, everyone wins.

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