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Vundahboah Amish Goods Cedar Wood Mulch Chips (6 Quart)

$15.99 USD

  • The 3 Gallon bag offers large sized shavings (up to 2" pieces), great for screech owl boxes, nests and landscaping. The other size options include smaller shavings suitable for pets bedding, and sachet creation.This aromatic red cedar is perfect for owl boxes, pet bedding, and outdoor landscaping
  • Vundahboah Amish Goods products are hand sourced from Old Order Amish in the foothills of TennesseeAll our cedar is fresh, organic wood and all natural with no coatings, sprays or chemicals added
  • NOTE: In response to the reviews re: settling- settling does occur-- the bags are stuffed as full as they will go, and settling occurs while it is stored. This is similar to cereal settling. This product offering is for 6 quarts that arrives in four 4 oz bags, totaling 1 lb of chips. 

Here are the reviews from our customers :

  • Great product! As described. Smells great! I made sachets for my wool items for summer storage. - sarahlynn
  • Top Quality Product. The cedar chips were delivered quickly and looked and smelled wonderful. - Theresa Allegretti
  • Smells Great. Smells so good when the plants get watered. Got rid of the small bugs that were flying around the indoor plants. -  E Stevens
  • Best of the mulches I've used. Perfect mulch. Best I've ever used on my suculants - D
  • This is wonderful. Wonderful Cedar aroma; I will buy again. -  Michael Kamali

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