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Tips to mount an owl bird box to a tree to attract owls

These tips were created by a guest poster, who is a decades long bird watcher and owler and was part of the inspiration for our best-selling Amish Cedarwood Owl House

When mounting your owl house on a pole or tree to attract owls, use two long screws or nails to sink a minimum of 1-2" into the tree.  For rougher barked trees like pine trees, use longer screws to get through.  If mounting on a living tree, as most of you are, leave at least 1/4" of space between the back of the box and the screw head to allow for expansion as the tree grows.

Place the owl box at least 15' high and just below the tree canopy if possible. Position the owl house so dense branches are not impeding the bird's straight flight to box.  Orient the box entrance hole to face to the East or Southeast so chicks get morning sun and evening shade.  
screech owl
For our Amish cedar owl house, before you mount it, open the door and score the inside with a knife to create small indentions or 'steps' right under the hole so that it can be easily climbed by the owls.  
mulch chips
SAFETY TIP-- Be sure to tie off your ladder while working and have assistance at the ready while you work.  
These tips on how to mount your owl bird house should give the best possible opportunity for attracting owls to your backyard.  
cedar woods for owl
owl cedar house box