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Vundahboah Amish Goods Cedar Wood One Step Curved Stool

$54.99 USD

Enjoy this sanded and unfinished handcrafted Cedarwood stepping stool. With it's simple 1 step appeal, it is also perfectly suited as a foot stool. Used across the nation in closets, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, this versatile and attractive piece can be used in many areas of life. Handmade by select Old Order Amish craftsmen. Several customers report using it for seniors as well as children, as it works as a potty stool, a bed step stool, a footstool at desks, as well as a convenient stepping stool to help step up into vehicles. This step stool can be finished to the color of your choice, or remain in it's natural attractive state.


  • Enjoy this sturdy and stable handmade Cedar wood step stool, handcrafted by Old Order Amish, made in the USA!
  • The natural warm aromatic cedar scent of this unfinished stepping stool repels moths and other insects, as well as allows the stain of choice to be applied; beautiful as-is for an elegant and natural wood look
  • Perfect for use as a low one step stool or a foot stool, this solid Cedar furniture piece is useful for bed, bath, kitchen and more!
  • Great for adults or for kids, it can be placed in the bathroom or alongside a bed, in an office for your feet to rest on, some have reported using it as a gardening stool, in the office and library
  • Measures 14" top length, with 8" top width and is 7" tall. The bottom of the legs measure 10.25" across for a stable and steady stepping experience

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